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Challenges For Fountain Industry After The Covid 19 Pandemic

It has been about six months of the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) and still, there is no sign of recovery. It is also not known how long it will take to find its vaccination. Even the leading medical researchers, experts, and practitioners are clueless due to the complexity and pattern of the virus of this disease.

Lockdowns declared in different phases all across the world, have disrupted the normal life of people, and thus industries are suffering a lot. There is no work or very fewer works with the selected industries. During this COVID-19 period, the entertainment-related industries have suffered the most. The obvious reason behind it is that entertainment industries are directly related to the gathering of people in large numbers and enjoy at one place e.g. park/garden, zoo, amusement park, shopping malls, cinema halls, hotels, temples, and such places.

The industry engaged in designing, manufacturing, commissioning, and installing fountain systems, is one of such industries, which has been facing turmoil since the outbreak of this disease. Generally, the fountain systems, including musical, dancing, lighting, 2d/3d, and interactive fountains, are installed at large places visited by a large number of people at parks, zoos, hotels, resorts, city landmarks, amusement parks, temples, etc. These all are clientele of the fountain industry.

As stated above due to the prevailing situation of this pandemic, people are avoiding visiting public places except for their workplace and such other places to buy daily needs items. The governments in various countries warn people, to avoid visiting crowded places and keep social distancing for the prevention of spread. Restrictions are also there for opening up come of the public places stated above. Due to all these, there are no new demands for the fountain systems, and ongoing projects are also getting delayed for commissioning and installation.

Not only there are little demands and work orders to cater but the industry is also facing problems in executing the on-hand orders due to irregular supply of raw materials, irregular supply of labor, availability of Technical Experts. Taking together all problems into consideration, there are issues in the timely completion of the projects.

There is always a brighter side to the dark one, like every big trouble, this will also end soon, people will start living a normal life and the industries will prosper with new demands for business. This pandemic has changed many things like the choice of people, thinking of people, and generated creativity among people. Due to all these changes, a new path of creativity will be opened up for industries of all kinds. Hence as and when the public places are open all entertainment industries, including the fountain industry will prosper with new ideas and creativity.