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Does An Interactive Fountain Attract More People And Is It So Much Exciting

There are varieties of water fountain systems available for installation both for indoor and outdoor locations, some of them are Music and Dancing Fountains, Laminar Fountains, Water Screen and Projection Fountain, Flaming fountains and Interactive Fountains. With the help of jet nozzles, advanced technology, computer programming, and creative designs wonderful fountain artworks are created and installed both in public and private places.

Among different kinds of fountains, Interactive fountains are recent ones. Interactive fountains are responsive ones and created to interact with them by the users or visitors. Interactions with the fountains by the people are done mainly with the help of mechanical or electrical devices and computer programming. Interactive fountains run as per the wish of the users for given programming.

There are several types of interactive fountains installed across the world, mainly at outdoor locations like bike (bicycle) fountains, sound fountains, and gesture fountains. Bike fountains are designed to allow the user to ride a bike and generate a fountain attached to the bike with the help of computer programming. The fountains go as high as the rider can pedal the bike. Both younger ones and elder ones enjoy playing with such fountains, which not only allows them to burn calories but also gives them a sense of belonging to generate fountains on their own as and when they wish.

In sound fountains, the use of a microphone is done to generate fountains. Users yell in the microphone and computer program converts the sound into electric pulses and generates the fountains, as per the frequency of sound. Here again, both younger and elder ones enjoy these fountains which are also called Yell Fountains. These kinds of fountains require physical interactions by the users with the fountain systems.

Besides physical interactions, there are several interactive fountains, designed and developed by the technicians, that enable the users to interact with them without even touching to the fountains or any other instruments attached to the fountains. These kinds of fountains are generated and moved by merely gestures of the users.

The sensors attached to the fountains send pulses to the fountains with the help of computer programming that triggers the fountains to rise and dance as per the hand movements of the users. Interactive fountains operated by the gestures become easily popular among the people especially installed at public places like public parks, malls, transport stations, resorts, city landmarks, lakes, and ponds which are accessible to all.

Interactive fountains are enjoyed by all age groups of people due to their inherent features of being cool, attractive, and responsive. Computer programmers of the fountain companies have started developing Mobile Apps both for single users and for multiple users, with the help of which users can interact with fountains and take control of movements of the fountains, either singly or with their family and friends. Wherever such interactive fountains are installed people chose to visit that place again, especially younger ones who enjoy them a lot.

Himalaya Music Fountain is a leading company in designing, developing, installing, and maintaining interactive fountains as per the ideas and requirements of their clients.

Does An Interactive Fountain Attract More People And Is It So Much Exciting1