Himalaya Music Fountain


The Laminar Fountain Introduction

The laminar fountain produced by Changsha Himalayan Music Fountain Equipment Company. It is the way that the water is ejected through the special nozzle, and the water column is formed along the set trajectory. Generally, a strong light source is set inside the laminar fountain nozzle to make the effect better.

The Laminar Fountainis a high-tech water scape art in which water flows through specially designed jets, forming jets of water that follow a set trajectory. Different from the general fountain is easy to disperse in the air, the wave spring can always keep the state of aggregation, and usually a strong light source is set inside the shower head of the wave spring. The light is bent into a parabolic beam of light through the total internal reflection effect of the wave spring column. Water like spikes glittering and translucent get rid of icicles, from a water jump to another altar altar in the process of natural curving, strings, deep fragrance, and fly into the air, no splash, like rich vitality of water section, section length and the speed of the water can design set arbitrary adjust according to customer’s actual needs, in the controller under the control of any jumps. If it is a bright spring, can realize the long jump, the jump, the short jump, the wrong jump, etc., the water column under the control of the remote control of arbitrary jump, perfect, dizzying.

Notes for Installing a Laminar Jet Fountain
The Laminar Fountain Introduction