Himalaya Music Fountain


Control Principle of Little Programmed Fountain

Changsha Himalaya Music fountain design and production of small fountains generally use program control, which is commonly known as the program control fountain. Program control is in accordance with the pre-edited program to change the shape of water and light color changes of the fountain. The program can be modified at any time in general, also can store a variety of programs, call at will.

The advantages of program-controlled fountain are that the cost-effective, and the program is varied. It can be used for Residential area or small squares. The engineer in advance of the water type, lighting changes the combination of PLC programming, When the fountain starts to operation, the PLC program will be converted into a signal to control the water pump, numerical control valve, lights and other devices, producing colorful light water effect. Its characteristics are fixed program and precise control.

Control Principle of Little Programmed Fountain
Control Principle of Little Programmed Fountain1