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Explore the Best Underwater LED Lights for Music Fountains

The underwater LED lights casing produced by the Musical Fountain Company is made of high-quality stainless steel and has the characteristics of high strength, efficient heat dissipation, durability and beauty.

The musical fountain lamp uses 5mm thick tempered glass as the light-transmitting plate and is sealed with a high-quality silicone pad to ensure an IP68 waterproof rating and can be used underwater for a long time without the risk of water penetration . At the same time, it uses low-voltage 24-volt power supply to ensure its safety, stability and reliability. LED lamp beads are from internationally renowned brands. Their electro-optical conversion rate is more than 6 times higher than traditional light bulbs, with rich and full colors and long service life.

underwater LED Light

One remarkable characteristic of the LED underwater lights developed by Himalaya Music Fountain Company is its excellent tracking performance. They can illuminate fountain water columns up to 100 meters high without external auxiliary lighting. The newly developed DMX512 control system not only enhances the color of the fountain without adding additional lines, but also provides powerful lighting.

The light can change color according to the set DMX address, supports RGB-RG-RB-GB-RGB colorful external control, and has a built-in frequency detection function to ensure permanent synchronization of multiple color-changing lights. Each LED bulb contains three-color lamp beads, which can automatically switch on and off according to the rhythm of music, change colors, and produce various dreamy effects such as jumping, chasing, and gradient. It is the lighting equipment with the highest technical content and the best lighting effect in the industry.

There are three commonly used styles of LED underwater fountain lights: dry deck fountain lights, central-hole fountain lights and common fountain lights. The dry fountain lamp is designed for floor fountains. It uses stepped glass and the opening size is 220MM-200MM. The central-hole fountain lamp is designed with an opening in the middle according to the nozzle model. The opening size can be DN25/DN40. It is generally used in running fountains(chasing jets), common fountain lights are the most commonly used type, using a hoop or light frame design welded around the nozzle.

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Stainless Steel Led Light

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