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This musical fountain was designed by Himalaya Music Fountain corporation for a domestic residential area in 2021, it combined 3 different fountain types in this fountain design, including interactive dry floor fountain, laminar jet fountain and musical dancing fountain in pool.

The Interactive Dry Floor Fountain: consists of two fountain areas with different sizes, one of the dry fountains is 28 meters long and 3 meters wide, the other dry floor fountain is 18 meters long and 3 meter wide. The water can shoot up to 2 meters high in this fountain design, simulates the effect of running water fountains, symbolizing a vibrant and energetic scene.

 It not only increases the dynamic beauty of the fountain, but also means that the development of the city, full of infinite possibilities and vitality. The fountain design and layout is for the consideration of irregular shape and different size of the fountain area, the fountain customization was completed by the technical team of Himalaya Music Fountain company.

Laminar Jet Fountain: set at the entrance of the residential area, which is like a time tunnel, people can walk through the arched laminar fountains without getting wet. The laminar jet fountain can spray to 3 meter high, creating an experience through time and space. When visitors pass through this “time tunnel”, they can feel the interleaving of time and space, as well as the accompanying wonderful music and lighting effects, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

Musical Dancing Fountain in Pool: Himalaya Music Fountain factory designed two sets of musical dancing fountains for two water pools with same size of the dry deck fountains. Pool water fountain is a classical fountain type with more options for various water effects and up-to-date fountain technology. In this fountain design, there is a line of bubble water fountain with spray height of 0.5m in the pool, which has a profound meaning, representing that the sales department can attract wealth and success every day, symbolizing prosperity and harvest. The bubble fountain design and spherical height of the fountain create a peaceful and auspicious environment, bringing good luck and a positive atmosphere to visitors.

The whole musical fountain project is equipped with 238 fountain nozzles, 15 fountain pumps and 238 LED lights in total, total power supply is about 76KW.

The design of this music fountain in China not only demonstrates technological innovation and artistic beauty, but also adds more appeal and value to the city through the symbolism of various water types. Each water type conveys a positive message through its unique design and allegory, providing visitors with a beautiful and meaningful viewing experience. 

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