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Mumbai Regency Legend

Products Home Mumbai Regency Legend Music Fountain Project Contact Us Description Regency music fountain is featured with latest fountain technology and fountain patterns. Both lamps and digital motors are controlled by Himalaya music fountain company-patented DMX technology. It is a landmark of Mumbai Regency Antila, it was known as a music fountain with the most …

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Water Show Control

Water Show Control

Products Home Water Show Control and Synchronization Contact Us Description A good music fountain water show normally consists of the following: 1. Actors (Actresses), Dancers’ performance, narrators; 2. Water-fountain and Underwater-lighting; 3. Moving Head Lamps; 4. Lasers; 5. Projectors; 6. Smog machines, Ground fog; 7. Talking Trees or other robots. For desired effect, all the …

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2D digital swing

2D Digital Swing Fountain

2D Digital Swing Fountain Nozzle Previous Next 2D Digital Swing Fountain Nozzle Equipment To Captivate your Audience with 2D Fountain Nozzles Contact Us Description The 2D digital fountain nozzle is controlled by a step motor which is known as a one-dimensional rocking sprinkler, which refers to the nozzle to do circular motion in a plane, …

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3D Digital Swing Fountain

3D Digital Swing Fountain Nozzle Previous Next 3D Digital Fountain Nozzle For Large Water Show To Display 3D Water Elegance to your Audience Contact Us Description The digital fountain nozzle is fixed on the swing holder composed of the inlet and outlet water pipes, the inlet water pipe and outlet water pipe are driven by …

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dancing water fountain

Dia 60M Underground Dry

Products Previous Next Dia 60M Underground Dry Floor Dancing Fountain For Square Contact Us Description It’s a Dia 60m round dry floor dancing water fountain for a shopping mall square in China, the music fountain nozzles, LED fountain lamps, fountain pumps, and fountain pipes are installed under the floor, and the whole music fountain is …

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135*18M Dry Ground

Products Previous Next 135*18M Dry Ground Fountain Under Floor Dancing Water Fountain In Mexico Contact Us Description The fish-like shape dry floor water fountain is a size of 135m by 18m, it’s located in Tuxpan city of Mexico, designed and built by Himalaya Music Fountain Company and water fountain equipment supplier in 2014. The water …

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Bicycle Interactive Fountain

Bicycle Interactive Fountain Previous Next Bicycle Interactive Fountain | Bike Fountain To Discover the Joy of Fitness Contact Us Description A bicycle interactive fountain is one kind of amusement facility that combines exercise and entertainment together. Based on the bicycle movement theory, with a professional fountain automatic control system, people can control the spray height …

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LED Tiles Fountain

LED Tiles Interactive Fountain

LED Tiles Fountain Home Previous Next LED Tiles Fountain Interactive Fountain Tiles To Gift your Audience The Joy of Stepping on LED Tiles Contact Us Description LED tiles fountain is an interactive fountain with a lighting system, pressure sensor gets triggered when people put their feet on tiles which activates the fountain for light and …

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digital water curtain

Interactive Water Fountain

Digital swing interactive fountain Home Previous Next Digital water curtain digital swing interactive fountain To Swing into a World of Digital Wonder Contact Us Description The digital swing waterfall interactive fountain is an interactive landscape product developed from a digital water curtain. The element and attraction of this digital swing waterfall digital water curtain interactive …

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Fan Nozzle

Fan Nozzle

Fan Nozzle Home Previous Next Fan Spray Nozzle Redefining your fountain experience through our expertise Contact Us Description Fan nozzle are made of high-grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance, it is a type of fountain nozzle that produces a wide, fan-shaped water spray pattern. It is characterized by its flat or slightly curved shape, …

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