Himalaya Music Fountain


Music Fountain Company Fountain Design

This fountain design is for a dancing fountain project in 2020, custom made by Himalaya Music Fountain Company, it’s a floating musical fountain on the lake, all musical fountain equipment are installed on the floating pipeline mechanism. The fountain design adopts a fan-shaped layout, 42 meters long and 12 meters wide, covering quite a large water body, the audience can watch the fountain show from multiple angles.

This musical fountain is designed with a total of 12 different water types, each with its own unique aesthetic performance and technical characteristics. It consists of a total of 488 fountain nozzles, 63 fountain pumps, 1 air compressor and 906 LED underwater lights, and the total power reaches 260KW.

The 12 water fountain effects have their own specific spray heights and performance effects. The following is a detailed introduction to the water fountain effects:

Fountain company
Fountain company
  • The central high jet fountain: symbolizes the spirit of perseverance and courage. The height of the central high jet fountain varies from 1 to 30 meters, creating a spectacular scene of water columns reaching into the sky.
  • Running Fountains(Chasing Jets): The spray height is 1-20 meters, which means the vigorous development of career or life. The upward spray of water symbolizes prosperity and success.
  • Waltz Dancing Fountain: The spray height is 1-7 meters, designed in an elegant rotating form, imitating the romantic scene of couples spinning and dancing to music.
  • 3D Digital Water Fountain: the spray height is 1-5 meters, imitating the posture of lotus slowly rising from the water, symbolizing purity and beauty.
  • 2D Digital Swing Fountain: The spray height is 1-5 meters, inspired by the image of Buddha Thousand-Hand Avalokitesvara. Multiple water flows spread to all sides, symbolizing compassion and universal salvation.
  • Air Explosion Water Fountain: The spray height is 1-10 meters, simulating the lively scene of beating gongs and drums during festival celebrations, conveying a welcoming and festive atmosphere.
  • Rainbow Fountain: The spray height is 1-20 meters. When the sunlight shines into the fine water mist, a beautiful rainbow effect will be formed, symbolizing hope and good wishes.
Fountain company

These water shapes are not only a display of fountain technology, but also a fusion of water art and creativity. Through different fountain spray heights, water fountain shapes and lighting show effects, they tell their own stories and convey different emotions and symbolic meanings. The design of the musical fountain takes into account the balance of visual beauty and technical implementation, creating a waterscape art work that is both spectacular and meaningful.