Himalaya Music Fountain


Enhance Your Landscape with Himalaya’s Fog Fountain Equipment

Artificial fog fountain is a kind of efficient and environmental fountain landscape, which has the function of landscape decoration and humidity regulation. Comparing to traditional mist fountains, Himalaya Music Fountain company updated the control system of fog fountain, which is with advantages of more energy-efficient and lower cost, Himalaya Music Fountain technology aims to achieve more lightsome and delicate fog landscape with lower price and more accurate control. Following is the equipment introduction and specifications of Himalaya Fountain’s Fog fountain landscape.

Water treatment system:

Water treatment is the basic link of artificial fog fountain, which can ensure both the quality of fog and the stable operation of the fountain system. Through the efficient filter and filter material, not only can remove impurities and suspended substances in the water, but also effectively remove chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium, etc., which is essential to protect the environment and human health. The filter material is designed with long-term sustainability, supporting regular flushing and extending service life. If the artificial fog system is directly connected to the city water supply system, then a small filtration system can be selected, which can greatly reduce the budget cost.

High pressure fog fountain machine:

As the heart of the package, Himalaya Music Fountain uses a high-quality fogsen host (host flow =15L/min; Power 3KW-5.5KW design varies; Voltage: 380V; Speed 680/min), all Himalaya Music Fountain system adopts low noise host, working noise 55 dB (+-) 3 dB, the maximum working time can reach 10000 hours, working environment: 0° -80 ° relative humidity 80 can ensure operation, through accurate adjustment, you can adjust the pressure and flow of the system according to different needs and environmental conditions, the highest pressure up to 14Mpa, to meet a variety of fog requirements.

High pressure fog fountain pipeline:

The main pipe of fog spray uses DN10 high pressure mist special pipe, inner wall purification treatment, can be pressurized: 25Mpa, the main material is 304 industrial stainless steel, the installation method is simple, only requires ordinary argon arc welding and the sleeve link can be completed, and it is not as complicated as the musical fountain. In the argon arc welding process of stainless steel pipes, it is necessary to inflate the pipeline for protection, and then acid wash twice to ensure that the inner wall of the pipeline is clean and clean, which can ensure the service life of the nozzle.

Fog fountain nozzles:

Himalaya Music Fountain mist nozzles are with 304 stainless steel material, working principle: high pressure impact type (working pressure 50-150 kg) can reach 1-10 microns of natural fog molecules, of which 70% is less than 4 microns, full atomization, impact speed is greater than 90 meters/second, breaking the limit of the original high pressure atomization field, improve the high pressure but fluid atomization technology, energy saving and water saving. The nozzle has a service life of 25,000 hours without wear, and the nozzle outlet adopts ruby crystal sheet diameter 0.2mm link mode: Z1/8 anti-loosening thread link.

Fountain Control System:

PLC control, with high pressure monitoring, water pressure control, water loss protection, over current (electric) protection, overheating protection and fault automatic display and other multiple protection mechanisms, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system. The automatic design of time control greatly reduces the work burden of the operator and improves the convenience and efficiency of use. At the same time, the Mussen control system can automatically operate reciprocating, the time can be adjusted all weather 16 groups of custom time.

The design and production of Himalaya Fountain’s artificial fog system take full account of energy efficiency, environmental protection, safety and user experience, making it the preferred solution for commercial landscaping, agriculture and animal husbandry humidity control and other fields. This innovative artificial fog technology can not only create unique and beautiful fog scenes for users, but also reduce energy consumption and operating costs while protecting the environment, showing the possibility of combining modern technology with natural beauty.