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What Information Is Needed for Musical Fountain Design?

In the process of designing a musical fountain,customers need to have in-depth communication with the musical fountain company to ensure that the design ultimately meets their needs and expectations.To achieve this goal, clients should provide the following key information:

Musical Fountain Project Overview and Goals: The client should provide a basic overview of the musical fountain project, including the goals expected to be achieved, effects, and any fountain cases that have been seen and found attractive. This helps the fountain designers understand the client’s vision and preferences.

Music fountain installation location and environment: Customers need to clearly provide specific location information for the proposed fountain project, such as geographical location, surrounding environment characteristics, available space size and terrain, etc., because these factors will directly affect the design and technical requirements of the fountain.

fountain design

Scale and size of the musical fountain: Before designing the musical fountain, determine the specific size of the fountain, including the water surface area and water jet height, and provide CAD drawings and Google location positioning of the fountain location to ensure the accuracy of the design.

Music fountain design style and elements: Before designing a dancing fountain, you need to determine the design style of the fountain and the elements you want to include, such as specific water types (such as Chasing Jets or Running Fountain, 2D or 3D Digital Swing Fountain, Fire Water Fountain, Explosive Fountain, Water Screen Projection, Laser Show etc.), lighting effects (monochrome or DMX512 chases color-changing lights) and music types (such as pop or classical music). The details will help the fountain design company create a perfect fountain design that matches the client’s vision.

Music fountain budget: When designing a dancing fountain, it is key to have a clear budget range. Budget directly affects design choices and material use, and is a factor that cannot be ignored in the design process. Ensure design solutions meet budget constraints and avoid unnecessary waste of time.

Musical fountain design, production and installation timeline: Customers need to provide a time plan for the project, including design, construction and expected completion date, to facilitate the smooth progress of the project.

Other reference materials for musical fountain design: If the customer has any favorite musical fountain projects or pictures, providing these materials as design inspiration will help the fountain designer better understand the customer’s expectations.

Providing these details will ensure that the musical fountain design team can accurately grasp the customer’s needs and expectations, thereby designing and implementing a musical fountain that meets the customer’s requirements and achieves a win-win situation for both parties.

With all the information provided by clients, Himalaya Music Fountain Company, as a professional fountain designer in China, is going to offer their fountain services as following:

  • Free Fountain Design (finish within 3 working days)
  • Animation video is available upon request (this service is chargeable)
  •  Fountain manufacturing with top grade material 
  • On-site installation and technical training
  • 12-month free warranty (response within 24hours)
  • Life long free technical support (response within 24 hours)