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How To Design A Musical Water Fountain

Commonly used waterscape form, mainly including fountain, waterfall, stream, vortex, wave, mirror pool and so on. It can be designed according to the natural conditions of the specific project.

The selection of the construction site and the shape of the pool should usually be based on two principles: one is the overall principle. Fountain is in a specific geographical and cultural environment, and is a part of the environment. Fountain site selection and geometric scale determination must obey the overall requirements of the environment. Second, the principle of practicality. Fountain in the overall planning to determine the theme, the shape and size of the pool, as well as the investment scale should be determined in line with the actual needs.

Design Of Water Supply

Fountains are usually self-circulating. The inlet pipe is designed to fill the pool in a short period of time. Pipeline and water pump should carry out the principle of tight structure and independent water supply, so as to facilitate equipment layout and system debugging and control.

Fountain nozzles generally have three basic types: straight flow, water film and atomization. The arrangement and combination of different types of sprinklers can construct various fountain forms.

Design Of Fountain Lighting

The color of the fountain comes from two kinds of light sources, one is the colored underwater light source and the other is the projected light source outside the water surface.

The underwater light source is installed under the water surface near the nozzle, and the projection light source determines its installation position and irradiation direction according to the water shape and flow direction.

Design Of Fountain Control

Fountain waterscape design is affected by the surrounding environment (such as terrain, wind direction, etc.). Generally, a single waterscape form or the combination of several forms is adopted to obtain the best artistic effect with the least energy consumption and investment. At the same time, management conditions and operating costs should be fully considered in the design, and the complexity of the designed fountain should be reasonably determined. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the fountain to operate normally for a long time even after completion. As one of the key majors of waterscape design, the water supply and drainage major utilizes modern technology and equipment from the perspective of “water”, and works closely with the major to realize the overall design intention.

The fountain is mainly composed of fountain, nozzle, lighting, piping system, water pump and control equipment. In recent years, the colorful lights, music and water patterns combined to form the dance fountain or music fountain. Fountain and sculpture art combined to form the sculpture fountain, with the change of nozzle structure form and installation position, angle, or the change of control mode, or combined with the waterfall waterscape, can also form a simulated natural landscape of bubble fountains, geysers, waterfall fountains, showing a variety of water shapes.

Himalaya Music Fountain is one of the largest fountain manufacturers in middle-south of China, we are the member of China Waterscape Committee with the Class A qualification in waterscape design and construction.

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