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Musical Fountain, also know as dancing fountain, as a crucial part of urban landscape, can not only beautifies the city environment, but also provides an entertainment for citizens. However, Long-term operation and the influence of the external environment may lead to various failures of the musical fountain. For this reason, it is essential to develop a detailed maintenance plan for your outdoor musical water fountains. The following are some fountain maintenance tips suggested by the dancing fountain company:

1.Regular Inspection and Evaluation

Comprehensive inspection: First of all, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all parts of the musical fountain, including the fountain pumps, nozzles, lighting system, audio system and fountain control system.
Malfunction diagnosis: Conduct a specific analysis of the problem found to determine the cause of the fault, which may be mechanical wear, electronic component failure, blockage, or software failure.
Safety assessment: Check the safety of fountain facilities to ensure that there is no danger to the public during and after maintenance.

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2.Fountain Repair & Maintain Tips

Equipment replacement or repair:
Fountain pumps and nozzles: Replace badly worn or damaged fountain pump and fountain heads. This part of the operation is very simple, there is no need for fountain specialists to be present, only need to mail the relevant accessories, general electricians can complete the replacement work.
Fountain Lighting system: Replace damaged lamps and repair circuit problems to ensure that the lighting system and music synchronization function properly. It requires professional fountain companies to complete.
Fountain Audio System: Repair or replace damaged stereos and other audio equipment.
Fountain Control system: Upgrade software, repair or replace damaged control hardware.

Cleaning and maintenance:
Remove debris and sediment from pools and pipes.
Clean the nozzle and pump to ensure smooth water flow.
If there is a water treatment system, water treatment agents need to be replaced regularly to keep the water clean and prevent scale and algae growth.

3.The Fountain System Test

Functional testing: After the repair is complete, a comprehensive fountain system test is conducted to ensure that all equipment is working properly. The test includes the flow and pressure test of the pump, the spray effect test of the nozzle, and the synchronization test of the light and music.
Safety testing: Safety assessment is performed again to ensure that all circuits are safe and sound and the structure is stable during the fountain show. Checking whether there is leakage or not.

4.Regular Maintenance for Musical Fountains

Make fountain maintenance plan: Make regular inspection and maintenance plan according to the use of fountain equipment. The plan should include daily, weekly, and monthly checks.
Train maintenance personnel: Train maintenance personnel to ensure that they understand the operation and maintenance of all devices.
Establish a monitoring system: consider the use of remote monitoring technology to monitor the operating status of equipment in real time, and discover and solve problems in time.

5.Budget and Time Frame

Budget: Make a detailed budget plan based on equipment replacement and repair needs.
Schedule: Set a specific time for each repair step to ensure that the entire repair work can be completed efficiently as planned.
Through the implementation of this maintenance program, it can not only extend the service life of the musical fountain, but also improve its aesthetic and ornamental value, and further enhance the citizens’ happiness and sense of belonging.

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