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Fountain Manufacturers – Design Methods for Dry Fountain/Square Fountain

There are two design methods for dry fountains/square fountains: one-nozzle-with-one-pump fountain design and centralized water supply fountain design.

First, the one-nozzle-with-one-pump design means that each nozzle or spray point of the square fountain is driven by a separate pump, its characteristics are as follows:
1. Independent control: Each nozzle is controlled by an independent DMX pump, which allows each water fountain nozzle to operate independently, providing more precise control.
2. High flexibility: Because each nozzle is controlled by a separate pump, the design and layout of the system can be very flexible to adapt to a variety of ground and environmental layouts.
3. Easy maintenance: one-nozzle-with-one-pump dry fountain design simplifies maintenance work, because each pump is independent, and the failure of a single pump will not affect the operation of the entire system.

The design of dry fountain centralized water supply pump refers to the design of using one or several large pumps to supply water sources centrally, and then transporting water to multiple nozzles through a distribution system. This design is often used in dry spray pump systems that require multiple fountain heads to work together, and is particularly suitable for large public Spaces or landscape projects, such as plazas, parks, or large outdoor recreation areas. Its characteristics are as follows:
1. Centralized control: All the fountain nozzles are managed by the central control system, which can coordinate the action of the fountain heads to achieve complex waterscape performances.
2. High efficiency: the use of large pumps can provide the required water flow and pressure more efficiently, suitable for large demand fountain systems.
3. System integration: it is usually integrated with advanced control software, allowing the programming of complex water dance performances, synchronized with other elements such as music and lighting.
4. Lower cost: the dry fountain controlled with central water supply can reduce the overall cost due to the less fountain pumps used in the fountain project.

Dry fountain,square fountain

Although the initial investment is high, the one-nozzle-with-one-pump dry fountain design can provide a higher cost performance in the long run due to its flexibility of operation and ease of maintenance. Central water supply dry fountain design, which is with lower cost suitable for large-scale and complex water feature projects, can provide efficient operating performance.

As a professional fountain manufacturer with 16+ years’ experiences in fountain construction and installation, Himalaya Music Fountain company would suggest that we should choose the best fountain design as per the actual situation, such as the environmental conditions and budget.