Himalaya Music Fountain


We Use Syncronorm As Show Control Software And Pangolin For Laser Programming

A musical fountain consists of many fountain equipment which is to be controlled, But a manual control will be too complex. So by making use of some best software, this complex work will be simplified. Before starting it is important to know what is Syncronorm and Pangolin? And why this only?

What is Syncronorm?
Syncronorm is a system which provides various software and hardware solution. It is used to try and test the digital water fountain. It is used to provide realistic visualization of the musical fountains. The realistic visualization is made by making use of real-time 3D animated graphics.
It not only design and program it also help in running complex fountain projects at a very high standard.

Why Syncronorm?
● Because of its Visualisation
It is a very powerful multimedia controller that creates next-level visuals that help in creating advanced level musical fountain shows. It is a very unique software, it can synchronize music, laser, lights, and fountain all in real-time by making use of 3D Visualization.
● Because of Excellent Workflow
It provides infinitely many creativities. It is the most efficient and powerful software which provides the most accurate and excellent workflow without any glitches in a very professional way. It is the best software that synchronizes one’s imagination to a whole new world.
● Because of compatibility with Pangolin
It supports the major laser control manufacturer Pangolin. It provides real-time visualization of laser projection. It also supports many smart lights which make it the best among its competitor.

What is Pangolin?
The pangolin is the world’s most popular laser show control software and had helped many people to make their digital water fountain show stunning. It makes the laser show system much easier. It is a free program and consists of all the tools required for making wonderful shows. For example-Laser, Graphics, Effects, and Texts. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It does not need complex programming.

Why Pangolin?
● Because of various tools-
It consists of various tools that allow you to organize playlists that play cues in sequence one by one. It also allows you to compose a periodic sequence of animation that plays after a specific time interval. And make you able to control the content of each and every laser with the help of FB4. It allows you to preview files that are uploaded to the FB4 server.
● Because of Lighting Console Mode
Because of the lighting console mode, we can control the laser lights directly from our console by using DMX technology.
● Because of Streaming Mode
By making proper use of Pangolin one can control the laser lights very easily using a good network connection and a laptop. This makes the tool very handy because of which it is mostly preferred.
● Because of Auto Mode
Auto mode is a very important feature of this software and by using it we can select any laser content and schedule its showtime. And then the FB4 server will play that content at the designated time.

The above statements justify why we make use of Softwares like Syncronorm and Pangolin for operating Digital water fountain projects.