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Top Musical Dancing Fountain Companies in China

Till January 2022, there are about 300 registered fountain companies existing in China at present. We can find both large fountain corporations and small fountain companies in the market, there are some large-scale fountain manufactures and fountain factories which are available to provide one-stop service of designing , manufacturing, exporting and installing, and there are some small fountain distributors as well.

Some large fountain companies like Orient Fountain, Water Design, Hangzhou West Lake Fountain and Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain are experienced fountain suppliers in China, they are with rich experiences in fountain designing and fountain construction for tens of years in domestic and oversea fountain market. All of them have their self-developed fountain control software which can save much cost for clients.

Music fountain production is a long industry chain installation project, involving pipelines, pumps, cables, LED lamps,fountaincontrol, civil engineering and other industries, generally in the selection of fountain company recommended to choose a strong, experienced fountain company, so that the quality of the product and the construction period can be guaranteed.

Top Musical Dancing Fountain Companies in China1
Top Musical Dancing Fountain Companies in China2