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Top 10 Best Dancing Fountains In Egypt

Egypt is known for its rich history and beautiful landmarks, and among its modern attractions are several spectacular dancing fountains. These fountains combine light, music, and water in choreographed displays that captivate both locals and tourists. Here are the top 10 best dancing fountains in Egypt:
  1. Cairo Festival City Mall Fountain, Cairo – Located in one of the largest shopping centers in Cairo, this fountain offers a large-scale dancing water show that’s a major attraction for visitors. It’s especially beautiful at night with its colorful lights.
  2. Al-Azhar Park Fountain, Cairo – Situated in one of Cairo’s largest parks, the fountain here is not as elaborate as others but offers a serene experience in the midst of lush greenery and historical surroundings.
  3. Soho Square Dancing Fountain, Sharm El Sheikh – This is one of the most famous dancing fountains in Egypt, known for its vibrant light and music shows. Located in a popular area for nightlife and entertainment, it’s a must-see for visitors to Sharm El Sheikh.
  4. Porto Cairo Mall Fountain, Cairo – Another shopping mall feature, this fountain provides entertainment with its rhythmic dance of water and lights, offering a pleasant break for those indulging in a shopping spree.
  5. Sun City Mall Fountain, Cairo- This fountain adds charm to the Sun City Mall with its delightful musical performances in water, making it a popular photo spot for visitors.
Dancing fountains in Egypt
Dancing fountains in Egypt
  1. Wadi Degla Club Fountain, Maadi – Located in a prominent club, this fountain is a centerpiece for visitors and members alike, featuring regular shows that are small yet charming.
  2. Mall of Egypt Fountain, Cairo – Known for its vast size and variety of entertainment options, the Mall of Egypt features a dancing fountain that enhances the shopping experience with its dynamic water displays.
  3. Citystars Sharm El Sheikh – Although primarily known for its luxurious accommodations and shopping, Citystars also features a delightful dancing fountain that is popular among guests and visitors.
  4. Porto Sokhna Beach Resort Fountain, Ain Sokhna – This resort features a beautiful fountain that dances to the tunes of various musical genres, accompanied by stunning light effects, right by the Red Sea.
  5. Porto Marina Fountain, North Coast – A favorite summer destination, Porto Marina features a dancing fountain that is especially popular during the summer months when the resort area is bustling with tourists.

These dancing fountains are spread across various locations in Egypt, mainly in Cairo and major tourist destinations. Each offers a unique experience that complements its environment, whether it’s a mall, a park, a resort, or a public square. Enjoying these fountains can be a relaxing way to end a day of sightseeing or shopping, providing a blend of art, technology, and entertainment.