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Exploring the Magic of Soho Square Dancing Fountain in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Nestled in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh, Soho Square stands as a vibrant hub of entertainment and culture. Among its many attractions, the Soho Square Dancing Fountain is a mesmerizing sight that captivates visitors with its symphony of water, light, and music. This article delves into the allure of the Soho Square Dancing Fountain, exploring its features, the best times to visit, and why it’s a must-see on your next trip to Egypt.

Soho Square Dancing fountain

What is the Soho Square Dancing Fountain?

The Soho Square Dancing Fountain is an ingeniously designed water feature located in Soho Square, a bustling plaza known for its wide array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The fountain is renowned for its spectacular display of choreographed water jets that dance rhythmically to a variety of musical themes, ranging from classical to contemporary hits

Features of the Dancing Fountain

The Soho Square Dancing Fountain is engineered with state-of-the-art technology that controls numerous water jets and lights. These elements are perfectly synchronized with music, creating a stunning audio-visual experience. The fountain’s design allows for multiple patterns of movement, making each show unique. At night, the fountain’s lights add a dramatic effect, illuminating the water in a kaleidoscope of colors that dazzle the eyes and delight the senses.

Soho Square Dancing fountain

Opening Times and Ticket Prices

The fountain shows are free to the public, making it an accessible attraction for everyone visiting Soho Square. Shows run every evening, beginning at sunset and continuing until midnight, with performances typically starting on the hour every hour. This schedule allows visitors to plan their evening around the showtimes, whether they’re dining nearby or shopping within Soho Square.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Soho Square Dancing Fountain Show is during the evening when the temperature is cooler and the full effect of the light and music show can be appreciated. Each performance lasts approximately 30 minutes, giving visitors plenty of time to enjoy the spectacle.

Why Visit the Soho Square Dancing Fountain?

Family-Friendly Entertainment: The Soho Square Dancing Fountain is a perfect attraction for families. Its enchanting shows are suitable for all ages, making it a great outing for both children and adults.

Romantic Setting: For couples, the dancing waters create a romantic atmosphere, especially when the Egyptian stars shine above. It’s an ideal spot for a memorable evening with a loved one.

Cultural Experience: Visiting the fountain offers insight into the modern recreational life of Egypt. It’s a blend of technology and tradition, where international influences meet local hospitality.

Photo Opportunities: The vibrant displays provide a fantastic backdrop for photography enthusiasts looking to capture the essence of Sharm El Sheikh’s nightlife.

Soho Square Dancing fountain
Soho Square Dancing fountain


The Soho Square Dancing Fountain in Sharm El Sheikh is more than just a fountain; it is a celebration of art, technology, and culture. Whether you’re traveling with family, seeking a romantic getaway, or simply exploring the nightlife of Egypt, the dancing fountain offers a universal appeal. Don’t miss this spectacular attraction that highlights the modern allure of Egypt, blending the traditional with a contemporary twist.

Visit and watch Soho Square Dancing Fountain show and experience the magic of water and light, where every performance is a testament to the creativity and vibrancy of Sharm El Sheikh.

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