Himalaya Music Fountain


The Water Screen Projection Fountain in Malaysia

On February 27, 2024, the water curtain fountain equipment, manufactured by Himalaya Music Fountain Company, exported to Malaysia and installed successfully.

Water screen movie, also known as water screen projection, is an innovative and fascinating performance form of musical fountain equipment. This music fountain design combines the beauty of water with advanced projection technology to create an immersive visual experience. This music fountain design is particularly popular mainly in theme parks, public spaces and special events.

The core of the musical fountain equipment and water screen movie is its unique “screen”, a large-scale, finely atomized water surface that serves as a canvas for high-definition video projection. This screen is made by pumping water from a water source and then spraying it into water mist at high speed through customized water curtain nozzles to form a fan-shaped water curtain. The width of this water curtain can range from 10 to 60 meters, proportional to the height. The size of the water curtain depends on the scale of the performance and the budget of the user.

water screen projection

To put it simply, a water screen fountain show is a music fountain design produced by a fountain music company that projects a variety of content through a high-specification projector, from colorful abstract designs and patterns to complex narrative films or customized videos. The technology behind the water screen projection fountain is relatively complex and requires the use of musical fountain control software to synchronize water flow, projection and audio. The projector used needs to be a high-brightness projector, generally recommended to be above 10,000 lumens, which can penetrate ambient light and ensure that the entire water curtain show is bright and clear. The playback content of the water curtain show can be purchased as a finished film, or can be produced according to the user’s creativity and needs. The water show can interact with the fluid dynamics of water and be enhanced by combining elements such as light, fire, laser and even live performances from musical fountains. Narrative or thematic expression, spectacular.

Compared with a complete set of musical fountains, the initial investment and operating costs of a water curtain movie may be lower. The water curtain movie can create a unique advertising platform, attract public attention and increase brand awareness. This type of visual marketing can lead to higher audience engagement and retention points, thereby increasing return on investment.