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Musical Fountain Equipment- Fountain Pump Failure Solutions

During the operation of musical fountain equipment, fountain pumps sometimes encounter malfunction due to equipment wear and tear or other issues. It is important to follow a systematic approach to identify and solve problems when troubleshooting and repairing musical fountain pumps. Based on more than 10 years of experience in the fountain industry from musical fountain manufacturers, we as a Fountain Music Company put up with some solutions as follows:

I. Safety First

When repairing the water fountain pump, first we need to cut off the power supply to ensure that the water fountain pump has been disconnected from the power supply to prevent electric shock.

fountain equipment-fountain pump

II. Troubleshooting

When the fountain pump does not work, there are three common problems. We can troubleshoot the problems one by one:

  1. The fountain pump does not spray water or the water volume is small: In this case, we should first check whether the fountain pump impeller or fountain pipe is blocked, and whether there are leaves, garbage, etc. in the water inlet and impeller. We recommend that when installing the musical fountain, make a protective mesh cover for each water pump to filter garbage and sediment, which can greatly reduce the clogging of the water pump.
  2. The water pump is noisy: If there is obvious noise during the operation of the water pump. In this case, the impeller is clogged or the bearings are worn.
  3. The water pump does not start: We need to check whether the power supply is normal, whether the fuse and circuit breaker of the musical fountain control cabinet trip automatically, and whether the motor of the fountain water pump can operate normally.

III. Repair Method:

  1. If the water pump does not spray water or does not work due to blockage, you can use appropriate tools to remove debris and disassemble the water pump to clean the garbage inside the impeller.
  2. Water Fountain pump noise problem requires replacement of worn or damaged fountain parts, such as seals, bearings, water pump impellers or water pump motors. The water pump bearing and water pump impeller can be replaced and repaired on site. If there is a problem with the water pump motor, it needs to be returned to the fountain pump factory for repair, which takes 5-7 working days to complete.
  3. If the water pump failure problem is caused by the synchronization problem of the musical fountain control panels, circuits, cables and musical fountain control system, you need to contact a professional musical fountain manufacturer for on-site repair and testing.

Musical fountain equipment is composed of electrical system and mechanical equipment system. The fountain equipment will cause a certain degree of wear and depreciation during long-term operation. Therefore, our Fountain Music Company, Himalaya Music Fountain company recommends that the entire set of fountain equipment be checked and maintained regularly every month or quarter, which will be useful for extending the service life of all types of musical fountain equipment.