Himalaya Music Fountain


Swinging Fountain Equipment Introduction

The swinging fountain equipment is one of the many components of the music fountain equipment. The swinging fountain equipment of Changsha Himalaya Musical Fountain Company can be divided into two types:

As the name suggests, the swinging fountain is swaying from left side to right side. The swinging fountain can be divided into institutional swinging fountain combination and digital swinging fountain. The former is installed on the movable swing mechanism for the sprinkler head, and the underwater motor drives the swing mechanism to make the sprinkler head swing back and forth along a certain trajectory, forming a variety of dynamic water-shape combination. It can be divided into transverse swing, vertical swing, round swing and other types. The digital swinging sprinkler head is an independent fountain equipment. The stepper motor in the equipment makes the movable sprinkler head swing along a certain trajectory. Multiple digital sprinkler heads can be combined together to form a graceful dynamic water shape. According to the swing trajectory, digital sprinkler heads can be divided into one-dimensional digital sprinkler heads (180 degree plane rotation) and three-dimensional digital sprinkler heads (360 degree stereoscopic rotation). The water posture of the swinging fountain is light and graceful, which is often the water shape selected for large fountains.

Swinging Fountain Equipment Introduction
Swinging Fountain Equipment Introduction1