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Notes for Installing a Laminar Jet Fountain

Laminar Fountain is like a arched multi-colored glass column when spraying water, smooth and beautiful. The water out of laminar fountain can be jetted in fixed track, which looks as glazed as a glass tube. We can also set RGB LED lights inside the laminar fountain nozzle so that it can jet in colorful water columns, much pretty and interesting.

Himalaya laminar flow fountain has got three models: 2m spray span with 1.5m spray height, 3m spray span with 2m spray height and 5m spray span with 3m spray height.Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Company has been specialized in fountain designing, fountain manufacturing and fountain installing for many years, we have rich experiences in this field and we know fountains very well. Bellowing are some points we need to pay attention to during construction and installation of laminar jet fountains:

1. Laminar fountain is divided into above-water laminar fountain and underwater laminar fountain, we must not choose the wrong model during fountain construction. Above-water laminar jet should be used in dry deck fountain, and underwater laminar jet should be used in lakes, rivers or pools. The maximum span of the water spray better not exceed 6 meters, the water would be a little splattered at the end of the water column when the laminar fountain span is between 5-6 meters, which is normal and won’t affect the overall effect of the laminar jet. If the span exceed 6 meters, the laminar flow fountain would be splattered.

2. The laminar fountain should be installed by professional fountain engineers and the fountain control cabinet should be operated by professional electricians. If the in-set lights are DMX controlled, we need get to know the parameters of light before installation. For convenience of fountain maintenance, we suggest that one single laminar fountain nozzle equip with one single pump, it is also for the good of accurate water flow control.

3. The connection between the laminar jet and the valve needs to use the spring hose, the length can be confirmed according to the site conditions, it is recommended above 1.5 meters.

4. After the fountain installation completed, some spare cotton filters should be prepared for clients in advance, and it is recommended that the filter cotton of laminar fountain being cleaned and replaced regularly.

The construction, installation and maintenance of laminar fountain can ensure the smooth use if the above requirements are met.

Notes for Installing a Laminar Jet Fountain1
Notes for Installing a Laminar Jet Fountain2
Notes for Installing a Laminar Jet Fountain
Notes for Installing a Laminar Jet Fountain3