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Himalaya Fountain Water Curtain Movie Introduction

Himalaya Music Fountain Water Curtain Movie Introduction.

Water screen film technology is a beam of light shining on the water surface, showing a strong three-dimensional film effect of a multimedia technology. Water curtain film was produced in the late 1980s of last century, but it only appeared in the big cities of France, Japan and other countries in the early stage. Due to the unparalleled optical effect of water curtain movies, when the movie is played, the colors are fresh and vivid, and the subtitles are clear.

The water curtain is usually more than 20 meters high and 30-60 meters wide. When the film is played, the picture of the water curtain has a strong three-dimensional sense and spatial sense. The characters seem to take off from the sky or fall from the sky, which is integrated with the natural night sky, producing a sense of disillusion and fantasy.

Applicable place of water curtain film:

Water curtain film is suitable for major festival gatherings, large squares, theme parks.

Basic requirements for water curtain films:

1. Water curtain movies should be set up near the water, such as rivers, lakes, artificial ponds, large water enterprises, etc.

2. water curtain film should be the place where the wind is less in the outdoors or at night, in the place where the wind is not strong.

3. The water curtain generator should have high head, low flow, even flow spray, so that more water in the sector, and can resist the 3 wind force.

Kinds of water curtain movies:

1. Water curtain type: Relatively speaking, its investment is relatively small, easy to maintain, the disadvantage is that the scene is small and the effect is poor. Small shows, small advertising will use.

2. Large water curtain: we generally say that the water curtain is this kind of scene. It uses high pressure water pump and special nozzle to spray water from bottom to top at high speed, so that waterAtomizing, forming the air water film “screen”, laser animation and film is in the screen after atomizing imaging. The advantage is the biggest scene, the disadvantage is that the capital investment is amazing, late maintenance cost is high. It is generally a temporary performance, less fixed. Since the screen is a transparent water film, there is a special optical perspective effect when the image is played. The picture presented has a three-dimensional sense, close to the holographic effect, and the audience has a strong sense of immersive.

3. Water surface type: generally, it is directly projected on the surface of the lake, pool, or glass wall filled with water. The advantage is that the effect is relatively good, but the disadvantage is that the site is too special and the audience group is relatively small.

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