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Music Fountain Manufacturer – DMX Musical Fountain Control System Introduction

Abstract: With the application of high-performance frequency converters, waterproof underwater LED lights and other hardware equipment in the musical fountain industry, the fountain control system based on ‘FILEDBUS ‘ can no longer meet the needs in fountain projects, causing the performance of the hardware equipment to be wasted, and the dancing fountain Insufficient expressiveness and other issues. 

In the domestic fountain market, it is a common phenomenon that those who make fountains do not understand music; those who make software and music do not know about the equipment. The new fountain control system based on ‘DMX ‘ adopts full numerical control for the frequency converter, real-time stage lighting control for the LED lights, and the arrangement software uses a combination of computer analysis and manual editing, which has an internationally leading position.

Musical fountain Control System

Overview of musical fountain control

Musical fountain is to reflect the connotation and theme of music through ever-changing fountain shapes and colorful lighting. For a good music fountain, the changes in water shape should be able to fully express the music. When people feel various sound effects , they will unconsciously connect these auditory feelings with the feelings of other non-auditory organs. This phenomenon is called synesthesia, which is a heterogeneous and polymorphic corresponding phenomenon.

Generally speaking, notes in the high range are often associated with bright visual feelings, positive or happy modal feelings, etc., while notes in the low range are often associated with dim visual feelings, depressed or sad modal feelings, etc.; soothing A rhythm can easily make people feel an open space or a calmer mood, while a rapid rhythm can easily make people feel a narrow space, excited emotions, etc. 

The arrangement of the fountain repertoire is to configure various water shapes based on the phenomenon of synesthesia. It is like choreographing and directing a dance. In order to make the performance successful, the director needs to consider what body movements the dancers will use to express the emotional charm of the music.

For the musical fountain control system, there are three key aspects:

  1. Water pump motor switching and timing control.
  2. Underwater swing motor and water pump motor related inverter control.
  3. Underwater LED fountain LED color light color control.

Technical innovation and advantages of DMX musical fountain control system

All-digital music fountain control system based on the ” DMX ” protocol has huge advantages in the following aspects:

The frequency converter is fully digitally controlled, making full use of the potential of the stepless frequency converter , so that the fountain’s swing system and central high spray can move completely according to the pitch and rhythm of the music. It truly achieves ‘the fountain moves with the music’; for example: using this system, at the end of the “Yellow River Cantata”, the fountain can rise, pause, and burst into action as the musical scale gradually increases, forming an incomparable on-site appeal.

Use DMX loop protocol for lighting control. The basic principle of the loop controller is that the microprocessor (CPU) outputs an adjustable broadband control signal through PWM (a very effective technology that uses the digital output of the microprocessor to control analog circuits) to adjust the LED lamps. The brightness is matched with each LED full-color RGB lamp to achieve full-color color-changing lighting control. This system can achieve LED light gradient, jumping, chasing and other effects. More importantly, the system can automatically realize various gorgeous fountain lighting effects based on external audio input or microphone signal input, which will greatly enhance the performance capabilities of the musical dancing fountain.