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How to take care of your outdoor water fountain

So you’ve invested in an outdoor water fountain for your garden, and it looks great. But how do you keep it looking its best and stop the buildup of scum and algae?

We’ve put together some simple tips to make sure the maintenance of your outdoor fountain is as easy as it can be. With just a few simple measures, you can make sure your fountain stays sparkling.

Clean your outdoor water fountain regularly.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but your fountain will need regular cleaning. Keep a soft, non-abrasive cloth handy to wipe the inside of the bowl to keep it from attracting dirt and dust. Use a soft, moist cloth to run over any outside edges or anywhere that dirt might collect. There are also special fountain cleaning fluids you can add.

Refill and clean your pump.

Make sure your pump is regularly drained, cleaned, and refilled. You can use a bottle brush or pipe cleaners to make sure there are no blockages or debris building up in the pipes. You might have a problem with your pipes if the water you pour in is clean but comes out looking discoloured.

If you don’t clean your pump regularly, it may be trying to force water through blockages, which could lead to it breaking altogether.

Empty the bowl completely at least once every six months.

Making sure the bowl is clean is one of the most important tasks. Empty the bowl every six months at least and scrub away any lime scale or algae buildup with a toothbrush or hard-bristled brush and some ordinary detergent—not bleach or other harsh chemicals.

Check the cleaning instructions for your specific fountain to see if there are any special cleaning instructions.

Maintain the condition of your pump.

Maintaining your pump will ensure that your outdoor fountain works properly and continues to provide a beautiful display all year.

For some outdoor water fountains, you may need to add filtered water if you live in an area with particularly hard water.

You should clean out your pump once a year at least, and you can easily disinfect it by disassembling it and placing it in white vinegar and lemon juice.

Prevent algae

To stop unsightly algae from building up, you can buy a specialist algae prevention solution and add it to the water. To stop the algae from building up as quickly, move your fountain into the shade. Algae needs lots of sunlight to grow, so by moving it into a darker area, you can prevent the water from becoming clogged with the plant life.

Keep the water topped up.

To stop your fountain from drying out, you should replace the water every month, adding an algae repellent as you go. Drain and refill the fountain with fresh water, and through the summer, make sure your fountain has enough water as it will dry up quicker. Adding an auto refill system is highly recommended, especially for outdoor fountains with pools.
This will prevent the water from stagnating, and it should allow you to check over your fountain for any dirt or grime that might have built up at the same time.

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