Himalaya Music Fountain


Himalaya Music Fountain (HMF) is undertaking the construction of the Bangladesh Music Fountain

The Bangladesh Music Fountain was designed and produced by Himalaya Music Fountain(HMF),and Fountain Installation began in July,2023.

Music Fountain Design

The complete music fountain consists of two groups,A and B floating music fountains,each with different sizes and shapes.Group A has dimensions of 20 meters in length and 6 meters in width,while group B measures 32 meters in length and 10 meters in width.These two groups together form a music fountain group.the entire music fountain system includes 310 nozzles.35 water pumps,and 450 underwater lights.

Music Fountain Water Patterns and Features:

The complete music fountain can be controlled in three ways:manual control,timed control,and music synchronization.It comprises various water patterns,including high jets,chasing jets,mist spraying,3D digital swaying,lotus flower blossoming,ect.,The ability to switch and combine these water patterns allows the music fountain present a diverse range of the aquatic performances,providing the audience with a dual visual and auditory experience.

Music Fountain Technology and Control

The entire music fountain system utilizes advanced technology to achieve precise control.Through computer programming and automation systems,it can precisely control the height,direction,and water intensity of each nozzle to accommodate different music and performance requirements.

Music Fountain Control Programming

The performance of the music fountain is not about water;carefully selected local music tracks are programmed into the system to synchronize with the water performance, creating a captivating audiovisual spectacle.

The Bangladesh Music Fountain represents Chinese expertise,artistry,and innovation in music fountain engineering.It will become a unique attraction in Bangladesh,drawing tourists and spectators and providing unforgettable emotional experiences for the local population