Himalaya Music Fountain


Commonly Used Water Patterns In Music Fountains

Himalaya Music Fountain has made a mount of fountains with various types all over the world for these years, with years’ experience in fountain designing and manufacturing, we’d like to introduce some water features commonly used in musical fountains.

1. Central High
She is the core of the fountain. The central high is spraying high of 10 to 100 meters in the fountain.

Central High

2. Water Flower Basket
As a basket of flowers welcomes guests and leadership.

Water Flower Basket

3. Proud Peacock
The water is a symbol of auspiciousness. Gradually expanding the water, the fountain resembles a peacock.

Proud Peacock

4. Peak Group
The water pattern interprets the meaning of unity and plays a leading role in performance.

Peak Group

5. Colored Rainbow
Long and graceful scenery like a bow that reaches empyrean.

Colored Rainbow

6. Water Legion
Work together to build a better tomorrow.

Water Legion

7. Snow Pines
In the light, there is only in fairy tales in the scene. Pine, on behalf of the Chinese traditional culture, means longevity and is kindness.

Snow Pines

8. Fairy Fog
Mist nozzle that consume energy low, invest low make out light mist and like a fairyland.

Fairy Fog

9. Water Volcano
Many current nozzles make a circle is magnificent.

Water Volcano

10. Water Screen Movie
Laser Movie cast in water curtain. Picture comes from heaven.

Water Screen Movie