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Are The Fire Mix Water Fountains Safe To Use

A water fire fountain combines the elements of fire and water to create an amazing outdoor display for many different sizes and shapes of fountains. The gas lines, similar to those used in barbecue grills are placed below the water line of the fountain with a manifold as close to the surface as possible.

Are The Fire Mix Water Fountains Safe To Use1

Fire Fountain, normally has got two kinds of fuels. LPG and Alcohol-based fuel. And by the usage, it can has 3 types, fire on water, fire-ball, and fire torch with water pillar. People will get excited and surprised when fire comes out with music’s high pitch, as people fears fire from instinct, it is kind unexpected surprise to them.

Are The Fire Mix Water Fountains Safe To Use2

Himalaya offer safe and spectacular fire spray nozzles with the following features:
1.Isopar-l or Alcohol-based fuel is used, as the fuel doesn’t get lighted with fire, and it doesn’t explode in normal conditions, the fire spray is safe.
2.Dedicated Pressure system is used, and fire spray height can be up to 8 meters;
3.Carefully-calculated pressure storage and sophisticated pipe work, this can make the fire-ball have continuous performance, and reliable using life;
4.The device is with Standard DMX control, easy to use and program.

Himalaya Fire-ball, fire torch and fire-on-water fountains are widely used for prestigious projects around the world like Astana Expo, Dubai Global Village and so on.