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Fountain FAQ Analysis from some aspects.

The water spray height is inconsistent

During the operation of the music fountain, the height are often inconsistent. This problem is generally caused by the following reasons

1.The power of the fountain pump design is insufficient,Specifically, the head and flow of the pump are not enough.If the power of the water pump is too small, it will directly lead to insufficient power and height of the fountain water column. So first check whether the power of the water pump is sufficient.

2.The water outlet diameter of the nozzle is not enough. If the set spray height is inconsistent with the water outlet diameter of the nozzle, the water column of the fountain will be scattered or not concentrated during the ascent process, and eventually the set height cannot be reached.

3.One water pump drives multiple nozzles,There will be delayed loss,In plain English, it means loss in the middle.The closer the nozzle is to the pump, the more sufficient the flow of the fountain water column, which can easily reach the set height.The farther the nozzle is from the water pump, the flow rate of the fountain water column will be reduced due to the loss of delay. Unless there is a large enough water pump, it will be difficult for the nozzle to reach the set height.

If the water spray height is inconsistent due to the problems with the water pump, there are the following solutions:

  • Install a regulating valve on each nozzle to mainly control the water column flow of the nozzle that is very close to the water pump to reduce unnecessary flow consumption
  • Each fountain is equipped with a water pump. This method will greatly increase the total cost. From an economic point of view, it is not suitable.
  • Each pump should be equipped with fewer nozzles, meanwhilethe pump should be placed in the middle of nozzles
Analysis of Fountain FAQ