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Digital Fountain Nozzles

Digital Water Fountain Nozzle

Upgrading water features with digital technology


A digital swing nozzle for a digital water curtain music fountain is a device that precisely transforms the digital pulse signal sent out by the control system into the digital water curtain music fountain installation by the specialized precision mechanism, which can make the nozzle swing, and rotate at a certain angle. The movement angle and speed of the digital swing nozzle can be controlled by the digital control system. Digital swing nozzle has the advantages of large output torque, a digital control system, and precise movement, which is mainly suitable for the waterscape of a digital water curtain music fountain.

Pond Water Fountain With 2D Digital Nozzles And LED Lights, Mexico1

Technical Parameter

Material304 (stainless steel 304)
Connector SizeG1  ½”       G2”
DN40       50
Install modeVertical
movementRotate or swing
working mediumWater
Ratio between angle and input pluse3600 / 5800P
Motor7.25 (rotate 7.25cycles)
Nozzle1 3600  (rotate 1 cycle)
Positional accuracy0.5
Maximum pressure0.3 M pa
Total WeightAbout 12.5 kg
Environment0‐40 ℃
Water Temperature0‐40 ℃
Voltage53 ± 10% V AC (55V DC, 70V AC is suggested)
drive modePrecision stepper motor
control modeDigital pulse type
Control pulse voltage5VDC
Control pulse Width>10 µ S,
Protection classIp68
Insulation classB