Himalaya Music Fountain


New Technology! Yell Fountain Controlled By Cellphone

The APP to control the yell fountain, developed exclusively by Himalaya Music Fountain, was officially launched and successfully operated in the Interactive fountain of Hunan Information Park.

Users only need to scan their mobile phone APP to remotely “shout out” the fountain. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the APP developed by Himalaya Fountain can replace the microphone as an audio input device to reduce contact and effectively reduce the spread of the virus.

Yell fountains, bicycle fountains are widely used in tourist scenic spots, water parks, leisure resorts and so on.

Net red fountain specifications are 22 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters, 50 meters, 70 meters these specifications.

Changsha Himalayan Fountain is one of the earliest fountain companies in central and southern China, has been focusing on the development of fountain software system, because of focus so more professional!

We provide door-to-door installation for all domestic users, and the training of operation management personnel.

The whole fountain equipment one-year warranty, long-term technical support and accessories supply.

New Technology! Yell Fountain Controlled By Cellphone1
New Technology! Yell Fountain Controlled By Cellphone2