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Five Undeniable Reasons To Love Water Screen Movie Fountains

One of the important entertainment options is to watch movies. People across the world watch movies, both locally produced and international movies. The history of moving pictures dates back to more than a hundred years. From black and white movies to digital, color, and multi-dimension movies are shown in multiplexes today. Experiments are done to show movies in more and more advanced ways. One of such advanced technology to project movies on a water screen created by the mist of water fountain has been gaining popularity. We will see some reasons hereunder to find out why watching movies on water screens are so exciting.

For decades people have been watching movies on the cinema screen in theatres. Not many changes have been done in this system except the advanced audio-video quality and seating arrangements in multiplexes. But the projection is done on screens still in a closed environment. Water fountain screens give liberty to a large number of people simultaneously to watch movies in an open-air environment. Enjoying movies with a large number of audience under the sky is very exciting.

It is very much difficult to address on-screen, thousands of people together in one place. But with the help of a water screen, this can be easily done where a large fountain installation is there. Fountain nozzles create a water screen several meters large in length and width especially in a large open place like a lake, pond, park where thousands of people get together and enjoy a movie from surrounding places even it is visible from far place.

Small crystal clear water droplets and mist generate a water screen on which projection of movies are done. The water screen creates the effect of three-dimension and vivid pictures projected thereupon. Sometimes water droplets and mist are stable, give effect as if the movie is being cast on the dark sky. This is an amazing new experience.

Large companies or business houses often prefer their promotional events to be launched at large open public places on a water screen, where they can address a large number of people simultaneously, making the event very lively. People can enjoy the program freely roaming around the place. You will find people screaming and cheering up when such projections are done.

Last but not least, besides outdoor large water screen movie projection, this concept has been replicated at indoor sites also like hotels, water resorts, corporate offices, and even at houses. This makes the internal environment so much attractive and excited. Images and movies of one’s choice can be projected to make surroundings much lively.

Be it an outdoor or an indoor water-screen it always gives pleasure to watch the projections on such screen. For more details of the installation of such water screens at your place, get in touch with Himalaya Fountain, the experts in fountain systems.