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Dancing Fountain at Cairo Festival City Mall : A Mesmerizing Attraction in the Heart of Cairo

Cairo Festival City Mall, a leading shopping and entertainment destination in Cairo, Egypt, offers more than just a retail experience. Its dancing fountain, a major highlight, stands out as a captivating spectacle that draws visitors from across the region. This article explores the beauty, features, and visitor experiences of this remarkable water display.

Dancing Fountain at Cairo Festival City Mall

A Symphony of Water and Light

Strategically positioned within the spacious grounds of Cairo Festival City Mall, the dancing fountain is not just any ordinary mall feature. It is a meticulously designed water marvel that combines artistic water displays with synchronized lighting to create a breathtaking visual and auditory experience. At night, the dancing fountain becomes a dazzling show of colors and patterns, making it a favorite spot for families, couples, and photography enthusiasts.

Dancing Fountain at Cairo Festival City Mall
  • Interactive Water Shows

    One of the unique aspects of the Cairo Festival City Mall Fountain is its interactive water shows. The shows are scheduled daily at regular intervals, typically starting in the late afternoon and continuing into the evening to capture the magic of the night sky. Each performance is a unique display of hydraulic and lighting innovation, ensuring that no two shows are exactly the same.

    Show Times and Ticket Prices

    Visitors can experience the water show every hour on the hour from 6 PM to 10 PM during weekdays, and extended hours on weekends, from 6 PM to 11 PM. The shows are designed to accommodate both early evening shoppers and late-night visitors. Admission to the water show is free of charge, offering a fantastic and affordable entertainment option for everyone.

  • A Perfect Backdrop for Memorable Moments

    The area around the water fountain is designed with ample seating and viewing spots, making it an ideal location for visitors to relax and enjoy the ambiance. It’s a popular backdrop for photos, especially during special events and holidays when the mall often enhances the water display area with thematic decorations.

    Visitor Information and Accessibility

    Cairo Festival City Mall is committed to accessibility, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy the water show. The area around the dancing fountain is wheelchair-friendly, with clear signage and helpful staff to assist visitors. Shows are free to the public, with performances scheduled at regular intervals each day to give everyone a chance to witness the spectacle.

Dancing Fountain at Cairo Festival City Mall

A Hub of Activity

Surrounding the dancing fountain, the mall offers a variety of dining options where visitors can grab a bite and enjoy the view. From casual cafes to fine dining restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Additionally, the mall’s comprehensive directory includes over 300 stores, featuring both local and international brands, making it a full-day destination for shopping and entertainment.


The Cairo Festival City Mall Dancing Fountain is more than just an attraction; it is a centerpiece that enhances the shopping experience with its artistic and technological marvels. Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist visiting Cairo, the water fountain at Cairo Festival City Mall is a must-see. It’s a place where memories are made, and the beauty of water and light can be appreciated in spectacular harmony.

Dancing Fountain at Cairo Festival City Mall

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