Himalaya Music Fountain


2021 Musical Fountain Laser Projection Water Show in Mumbai, India

This musical dancing fountain is designed and manufactured by Himalaya Music Fountain, the fountain equipment arrived at site on 25th November, clients started installation immediately. Affected by the global pandemic, our technicians are not able to go abroad for site installation, the whole installation process is completed by customers under the direction of Himalaya engineers via 24-hour online guidance and video meeting. The water show turns out to be successful and impressive,and highly praised by clients.

The fountain and laser show is designed to be with 3D digital swing fountain, 2D digital swing fountain, explosive shooting fountain, vario fountain, running fountain, peacock fountain, rainbow fountain and laser projection. It is made for a local celebration, completed on 10th December, has been attracted a lot of visitors coming to enjoy the show.

2021 Musical Fountain Laser Projection Water Show in Mumbai India