Himalaya Music Fountain


Water Music Dancing Fountain Laser Projection In Baroda, India

Fountain Location : Baroda,India
Fountain Size : 80M x 25M

Fountain Features and Description

The Baroda Musical Fountain was constructed in 2015. It was designed and built by Himalaya Music Fountain. The music dancing fountain features a rectangular water pool measuring 80 meters in length and 25 meters in width. It consists of 15 sets of water patterns, including a 30-meter-high jet, dancing jets, digital nozzles, mist sprays, and more. The fountain boasts a total of 598 fountain nozzles, 957 lights, and operates with a power of 381.7KW.

Situated in the beautiful city center of Baroda, the Baroda Music Dancing Fountain stands as one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. Combining music, water features, lasers and lighting effects, the fountain provides visitors with a captivating audiovisual spectacle. As night falls, the water jets of the fountain create mesmerizing patterns illuminated by the lights, resembling a dancing symphony of water.

Fountain Installation

Installation 01 2
Installation 02 2
Installation 03 2
Installation 04 2

Fountain Effect

Effect 01 5
Effect 02 6
Effect 03 6
Effect 04 1