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    Laminar Jet

    Release time:2018-04-03   Source:Himalaya

        Laminar Jets can spray water like a glass tube without any splash. Water columns are like bright clean glass pillars, they jet across the pool in arch patterns to form a row of colored rainbows in the sky. Lighted jets with a large size can offer a spray span of 5 meters(L) by 3 meters(H), without water-spraying losing its shape.  Large, medium and small-sized lighted jets and lighted dancing jets can be selected according to the demand. Different lighted jets are usually used as a water fountain landscape and a swimming pool water scene foil by combination, which create a landscape on different levels in the flowing water. Thus, the light and water are perfectly combined in a vivid way. The quantity of lighted jets and lighted dancing jets can be adjusted according to actual needs of environment. It can be singly installed to present a scene that the water pillar jumping from one pool to another pool. And they can also be installed by different combinations to form a wonderful and harmonious water animation in the air. When they are installed on the sidewalk, people can walk through the water gates without getting wet, the breeze come to touch your face gently and the water surface even don't have any ripple, it's just so fantastic.

        Our lighted jets have the advantages of simple structure, easy control, small power, long lifetime, good water proofing property and high cost performance, they are mainly used in water fountains, amusement park, shopping mall, building lobby and gardens. Lighted jets can promote the quality of the space aesthetic feeling and create a noble, elegant, fashion culture.

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