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    Dishui Lake Music Fountain—Landmark That Dresses up The Lot

    Release time:2016-05-18   Source:Himalaya

    Colorful lasers, joyful music, ever-changing fountains going along with the melody ups and downs, gorgeous water screen movies, with all of these, Dishui Lake Music Fountain becomes the most important part of the Lotus city night scenery.
        Dishui Lake Music Fountain is designed and constructed by Hunan Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd., consists of the center fountains and stage fountains. The center fountains are 80 meters long and 12 meters wide, distributed in a fan-shape, and located in the very center of Dishui Lake, the main fountain can spray up to 68 meters. There are a total of 669 pieces of nozzles in the center fountains, including 80 pieces of peacock nozzles and 120 pieces of digital-valve nozzles, covering 32 kinds of waterscape designs for changing. Stage fountains are composed of 64 pieces of cascade nozzles, layers of cascade shine in the colorful LED lighting. There are 953 sets of colored lights in total, equipped with 12 groups of super water-proof sounds and large-scale semi-circle water curtain. So far, Dishui Lake Music Fountain is known as the largest laser music fountain in Hunan, China. Besides, it organically combines music fountains with water screen movies and lasers, uses world-leading control system, and then reaches an unique varying effect of dancing waterscape. Compatible with visual and auditory art features at the same time and complementary with each other, the Dishui Lake Fountain finally achieves a charm of water music dancing art.

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