Installation Of Vietnam Music Fountain, Vietnam Outdoor Fountain

News- Installation Of Vietnam Music Fountain, Vietnam Outdoor Fountain.

The Vietnam Small-scale floating music fountain, designed and constructed by Himalaya Music Fountain Corporation, was successfully completed in the end of year 2018. The whole pipe system of this music fountain is installed on the floating tank which is made of welding stainless steel plate and flange, marine paint is used on the surface of the tank for purpose of anti-corrosion. This Vietnam music fountain is made up of 24 sets of 2D digital nozzles to be a swing circle, each nozzle is controlled by a VFD, which can control the nozzles to realize synchronized radial swing, tangential swing and overall capsized swing. Production and installation of floating digital fountain is with high technology, but it’s easy to operate and maintain, is widely used in large natural lakes or artificial lakes.