Himalaya Music Fountain Achieved the AAA Credit Rating Certificate

Recently, Himalaya Music Fountain has been certified by authoritative institutions and obtained the AAA credit rating certificate. AAA credit rating is the highest credit evaluation of an enterprise given by rating agency, it is a comprehensive evaluate according to the company business condition, including the business capacity, management ability, development prospect etc., which fully approves the integrity and strength of our company.

The AAA credit rating certificate can provide more convenience for our company bank business and enhance the competitiveness for the fountain project bids. Credit Rating Certificate is an important identity of good faith for a company during the business activities, foreign customers attach great importance to the enterprise's credit certificate. The AAA credit rating certificate has provided a good faith guarantee for the development of our company's foreign business.

Hunan Changsha Himalaya Music Fountain Equipment co., LTD., with the independent development of fountain control system and twelve years of fountain production & installation  experience, is a strong professional fountain manufacturer in central China.